SHIP grantees take a comprehensive approach with workplace wellness efforts, supporting small businesses – who often lack resources to do this work on their own – through a collaborative process with other employers. SHIP provides tools and technical assistance that help create a culture of health at work. Employers learn about strategies that help employees quit smoking, eat healthier, get more physical activity, manage stress and support breastfeeding.


Healthy, motivated employees are important to the workplace and a company’s bottom line.

Thanks to SHIP, more Minnesota employers are making healthy options possible at work.


Workplace Wellness Pays Off:

• Reduced health care costs 

• Reduced workers’ compensation costs 

• Improved job performance 

• Reduced illness and disability 

• Higher employee engagement 

• Lower turnover 

• Higher job satisfaction 

• Improved customer service 

• Higher retention/less training


Success Stories:

Countryside Public Health:

What Wellness Means to Us- Countryside Public Health 2017



Essentia Health Graceville:

SHIP partnered with Essentia Health Graceville to implement a walking path with benches! Watch for the next path to be out this spring! 


Ortonville Area Health Services: 

SHIP partnered with Ortonville Area Health Services on an employee bike share program. Employees use the bikes during breaks and for transportation from the hospital to the nursing home. 


Swift County Benson Health Services:

SHIP partnered with Swift County Benson Health Services, as well as other community businesses, for the Hop into Health Color Run this Easter! Keep your eye out for the next Hop Into Health Run (Next Easter) for our new signage and banners with the SCBHS Wellness Committee Logo! SHIP also partnered with SCBHS to implement an employee wellness challenge with exercise equipment and soon to come- an employee wellness policy.

Yellow Medicine County Employees:

SHIP partnered with Yellow Medicine County to implement an employee bike program. The yellow bikes are checked out for employees to use during breaks or to bike over to other locations, such as the Government Center. The Government Center and Courthouse both hold stations for the yellow employee bikes. 

If you are interested in partnering with us to make worksite wellness changes, we would love to hear from you. Contact Countryside SHIP.



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