Community Leadership Teams

The purpose of the Countryside Public Health Community Leadership Team is to establish and grow community support for policy, systems, and environmental change work in obesity prevention and tobacco use and control through the work of the SHIP grant.

The Countryside Public Health Community Leadership Team will:

  • Articulate a vision of how the regions’ communities will be healthier as a result of SHIP and the multiple efforts of partners.
  • Participate as a leader of a regional project and share successes and lessons learned with communities and organizations throughout the region.
  • Promote community linkages with related systems and organizations (health care, schools, faith communities, municipalities, and citizens, etc.) throughout the 5 county region
  • Advise Countryside Public Health on the readiness of communities and/or organizations to plan and implement SHIP strategies and contribute to initiating new partnerships.
  • Provide community accountability by objectively steering efforts towards communities or specific populations in the region that suffer health disparities
  • Provide community accountability by reviewing SHIP performance measures, monitoring progress of the achievement of SHIP goals and outcomes, and advising on opportunities to enhance outcomes.
  • Commit to measure and assure the work and impacts of the Community Leadership Team so that it fulfills it's purpose and contributes to the effectiveness of SHIP efforts in the 5 county region.

If you are interested in joining our Community Leadership Team, we would love to hear from you. Contact us

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