Farmers Market

Even though life on the Prairie is a life of agriculture, most places are actually considered "food deserts" mostly due to the lack of easy access to fresh, healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Many citizens need to travel over 20 miles to find a grocery store. This particuallry becomes an issue for the elderly, individuals without a vehicle, and the physically disabled, because public transporation is near to none. Many small towns are losing their local grocery stores and are forming farmer's markets to bring the access back for the community.

Farmer's markets provide vast benefits to communities. They are an important anchor for vibrant communities bringing residents outside to socialize with one another. It is also a fabulous family friendly activity where parents can teach children about healthy eating. Farmer's markets are also a great way to support local farmers and keep money spent closer to home. Finally one of the most important reasons for communities to start a farmer's market: freshly picked, ripe food is at its peak in flavor and nutrition. Its a great way to ensure residents have happy and healthy bodies and taste buds!

To read about exciting partnerships with communities working towards healthier eating strategies in our area, click on the link below:

Healthy Eating Community Partners

If you are interested in partnering with us to make community healthy eating changes, we would love to hear from you. Contact Countryside SHIP.

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