• SHIP, at its core, is a locally driven effort.

• Chronic diseases are among the leading causes of death in Minnesota. SHIP works on preventing chronic diseases by strengthening the capacity of communities to create their own healthy futures.

• Communities choose strategies that are based on the latest science and focused on making long-term, sustainable changes in schools and child care facilities, communities, workplaces and health care settings.

• Healthy communities create opportunities for all Minnesotans to live longer, healthier lives.


Thanks to SHIP, communities are:

• Increasing access to fresh, local fruits and vegetables at farmers markets, local corner stores, emergency food programs, mobile markets and other food retailers

• Serving healthier foods and increasing access to physical activity opportunities at schools and child care facilities

• Making biking and walking easier in towns and cities across the state

• Taking steps to make multi-unit housing sites smoke free

• Working with small- and mid-sized employers to improve workers’ health and productivity

• Working with health care sites to strengthen connections to community to ensure that patients are referred to evidence-based programs in their area

• Supporting breastfeeding moms

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