Healthy Eating in Childcare

Developing good eating habits at a young age is critical for preventing obesity, so that is why it is so important for caretakers in daycare and preschools provide consistent healthy foods and eating habits. It is important for caretakers to remember that they decide when and where food is served. The child decides how much and whether to eat. Some research shows that it can take 10-12 times of offering the same food before a child accepts it. Having options for children at meal time will increase the food exposure. For example, instead of asking "Would you like some peas?" ask "Which would you like: peas or cauliflower?" Even if it's just one pea they are willing to put on their plate, it's a start!

Many of the best caretakers attend trainings to learn how to implement curriculum and programming into their childcare. Some of those trainings are:

  • Learning About Nutrition through Activities (LANA)
  • Let's Move Child Care
  • Farm to Child Care
  • Mealtimes Made Healthy
  • I am Moving I am Learning- Nutrition Building Blocks
  • MyPlate: Nutrition 101
  • Tipping the Scales

To read about exciting partnerships with childcare homes or centers and preschools in our area, click on the link below:

Healthy  Early Childhood Partners

If you are interested in partnering with us to make healthy early childhood/childcare changes or to learn more at the above trainings, we would love to hear from you. Contact Countryside SHIP.


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