Classroom Celebrations

Most students will agree that when it is one classmate's birthday, it is a celebration for all.  Students enjoy these oppurtunities to take a break from academics and have some fun. Unfortunetely too often this fun takes the form solely of cupcakes, candy, and soda pop. Of course you won't hear the students complaining, but ask the responsible adults: the teachers, the parents, and you get a different answer. Feeding children food and drink high in fat and sugar in the middle of the school day leads to poor behavior, poor focus, and thus poor academic achievement. Sure, that student only has one birthday a year, but what if you look at that entire class of 30 students. Potentially, that can mean 900 cupcakes circulating throughout the classroom in one year and that's just for birthdays! That's A LOT of cupcakes and buckets of sugar.

Classroom celebrations, whether it is a birthday, holiday celebration, or reward party for meeting reading goals, there are better ways to celebrate than filling the students up with sugar. There are many healthier choices for yummy snacks that the children will all enjoy. The kids will love that they are celebrating and getting a break from the usual school day. It doesn't always have to be with a cupcake. There are also many non-food options that can be used like stickers or goofy pencils. Be creative!!!

If you are interested in partnering with us on a Healthy School Celebrations project, we would love to hear from you. Contact Countryside SHIP.

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